Our village cafés featured on Évasion TV

Interview with Richard Pilon, Star Café (Knowlton)

Describe your passion, your business: I own a bistro style restaurant in Brome Lake. My passion is BBQ and smoking. I try to introduce my customers to the products of the region because buying local is very important to me. Because of my passion I like to make my customers discover different dishes. The BBQ is present as often as possible. We serve lunch specials, have coffee that is burned in the area. We have a beautiful terrace near a river and a liquor license. The atmosphere is warm and familiar.

In your field, describe a misconception or unacknowledged truth: The restaurant business is a very difficult environment. You have to do it for passion and not for money. Like in field hockey, there are many stage managers who think that it is easy to open a restaurant but on the contrary it is not always easy. There is always someone to give us advice.

Tell us about a difficult moment from which you came out stronger: After 8 years, I decided to move our restaurant to a new location. 2 months after the opening, the ministry of transport decided to redo the bridge in front of our restaurant. The road was closed for 4 months. Thanks to our good local clientele who didn’t let us down during the construction, we made it through despite the uncertainties and headaches it gave us.

A happy event you are proud of: The restaurant makes me proud. To be still here after 13 years and to maintain the beautiful complicity between the customers and me makes me proud. The staff and I will be working hard to continue this. I am always proud to be able to help the community when called upon. I had a visit fromOn the Go in 2015. Since then, we have had clients from all over Quebec who have come to see us thanks to this program. It made me proud that they came to our beautiful village.


The host, Benoit Roberge, began his tour of the southern part of the province by visiting two restaurants in Brome Lake, including the Star Café


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What is your favorite restaurant or regional product in the Townships: St-Benoît-du-Lac Abbey and its cheese


61 Lakeside, Brome Lake

Email: starcafe@iteract.ca