My 16 favorites of the region

Meeting with Sonia Daigle

Having been a stylist for the Montreal art community for over 20 years, Sonia Daigle decided to pursue her passion here in the Eastern Townships as an interior designer. Here is what she tells us:

I now live here full time. My husband and I have chosen to live here, only a few kilometers from our favorite village.

  1. From the house, we go by bike to the village market on Saturday mornings.
  2. At other times, we go by canoe peacefully to contemplate the landscape and go for a luncheon at the marina.
  3. For happy hour, we love to have an aperitif at the village wine bar.
  4. We are so blessed by the abundance of artisans that inhabit our beautiful region. What a pleasure to see them at work in their workshop.
  5. On our country roads, you can often see a herd of alpacas, sheep or highland cows. What a pleasure for the eyes.
  6. We enjoy an abundance of local products. In addition to berries and apple trees, there are also over 20 vineyards in the county. Recently, we went to pick sunflowers.
  7. During the summer, some organizations offer garden tours that are literally breathtaking.
  8. All this beautiful village atmosphere sometimes resembles the novels of Louise Penny (our famous international author who lives in Knowlton).
  9. Everyone spontaneously says hello.
  10. Whether it’s at the general store or at the local coffee shop, they call me by my first name
  11. Since we live here, we take the time to have friends and family over at least twice a week.
  12. We don’t feel isolated. In less than 55 minutes you can enjoy the city life
  13. 5 minutes away from here, we buy our eggs and meat directly from the farm.
  14. We replaced the gym with hiking and biking.
  15. You never wonder where to go out.
  16. Our starry skies are remarkable. From our living room, we can see the sunrise and the sunset.

Sonia is co-founder of Vivre Ici. She spends most of her time doing what she loves:

« I live, breathe and dream of design »

To see his achievements: http://www.houzz.com/pro/soniadaigle/


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