3 ideas to enjoy the Indian summer

Orchards, cider mills and vineyards

1. Country Orchard

Each season, a warm and inviting decor awaits you to pick

  • Tasty APPLES, PEARS, PLANTS, CHERRIES to chew on
  • Beautiful CUCKS to cook
  • Beautiful CARS to decorate your home
  • Majestic Fir trees to embalm your interior

Animals to cuddle and feed: 120 animals that Therese tenderly calls all by name…

  • The llamas Picotine, Rudolph, Picot and Cannelle
  • Licorice, Caramel and Marshmallow alpacas – in tribute to the color of their fur
  • The Fernandel donkey
  • The miniature horses Isabelle, Dixie, Mugget and Amanda
  • The Bobinette and Ginette deer
  • The Chouchounne deer
  • Josephine the sheep
  • Jeanine the rabbit
  • The Cocotte chicken
  • Coco quail
  • Istrid the peacock
  • Hains the pheasant…

The breeding farm is certified as a Discovery Farm by Terroir et saveurs du Québec.


2. Bistro and cider house: Vergers de la Colline

Les Vergers de la Colline is a huge 125-acre estate (one of the 10 largest in Quebec!) located on Route 137 between Granby and Saint-Hyacinthe. The place is known for its pick-your-own but also for its store and its small bistro. The company’s mission is to create high-end products of great finesse, designed to highlight small and large occasions. It’s such a beautiful place, that I invite you to take a tour of the property with me. Let’s start with the place par excellence to make you salivate a little bit, the store!


3. The wine route


You want to enjoy the tastings and not have to drive? Kava Tours offers you the Guided Tour – The Day to allow you to live the ultimate experience of the wine road. Let yourself be transported aboard a comfortable minibus and discover 3 Eastern Townships wineries where you will take part in visits with the winemaker, exclusive workshops and taste a variety of local products. THE CONTINUATION