An American film shot in Knowlton

The American TV network Lifetime has produced a new Christmas movie filmed in Knowlton from August 16 to September 2, 2020.

The title: Christmas Ever After. Lakeside Road was completely closed to traffic between Knowlton Road and Victoria Street.

Preparing for the snow

The stars

The former member of the group Destiny’s Child, Kelly Rowland, is among the cast.

From a novel

In Christmas Ever After, popular novelist Izzi Simmons (Stroker) spends every Christmas at her favorite snowy bed & breakfast, but this year she faces an impending deadline and a serious case of writer’s block. Fortunately, inspiration strikes in the unlikely form of the B & B’s new owner, Matt (Daniel DiTomasso), who bears a striking resemblance to the handsome hero of Izzi’s novels. As they both participate in the lodge’s annual Christmas activity itinerary, Izzi’s writer’s block is healed and the first pages of her own love story and Matt’s may only be beginning.

Snow in August

For the occasion, the Star Café is renamed Sarah’s. The team had to put out real snow on this beautiful morning, under a sun at 27C.