Their 40 sled dogs


Interview with Chantal Riel and Éric Laramee


Q1. Describe your passion, your business: Our company is a dog sledding company (about 40 dogs) offering short distance tours (more or less 10 km) so we specialize in the initiation of dog sledding. If the client wishes, he can put the harnesses on the dogs, harness them, drive his own sled and live the musher experience under the supervision of a guide. Moreover, the adventure ends in the warm decor of the gourmet store Les Saveurs dantan, with a hot drink, onion soup au gratin and homemade desserts.

Q2 In your field, describe a misconception or misunderstood truth: That sled dogs are evil! Our dogs are big dogs who just want to be cuddled and yes we all know the names by heart!!!!

Q3. Tell us about a difficult moment from which you emerged stronger: The loss of our first dogs who were not only the pillars of our kennel but also our best friends, was much more difficult than we thought, because in addition to losing our best friends, they were our best dogs. Of course we have to provide for them, but it is also by giving them love, by showing them to trust, by giving them each their place among the pack and by always being there for them, that we have learned so much!

Q4. A happy event of which you are proud: Of course, births are always milestones and pleasant events! There is no more beautiful spectacle than to see a dog being born, developing, bickering with each other, and being fulfilled within our kennel. Being told frequently that people have conquered their fear of dogs thanks to our dogs is particularly touching.

Q5. The most beautiful place to appreciate the beauty of the Eastern Townships: In the middle of our woods surrounded by our dogs of course !



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