The country world of Patti and Annette

Meeting with Patti Mason & Annette Blanco

Describe your passion, your business:

We like to create gift baskets for all occasions and accessible to all. We also like to find nice and different items that you will be happy to give to a loved one. We are also professional in gift wrapping. We also have a good range of gourmet products. We like to make taste and interact with our customers.

Tell us about the path that brought you here and into this field:

We wanted to create a unique and different business and we both live in Brome Lake. We both have a lot of experience in sales and with the public and we wanted to have something of our own. It is a partnership that has and continues to work very well. We have several talents that make us complement each other well.

A happy event of which you are proud:

For Annette: the day she and her husband bought their boat and docked it at the small port of Magog. She loves to go sailing on the lake on her days off. « We’re also very proud to have been nominated for the Brome-Missisquoi Excellence Gala during our second year in business. » For Patty: most recently when she was able to celebrate 5 years free of cancer.


Le Panier Champêtre,

Knowlton QC

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