People from here: Ariane Querry and Patrice Didier

Who are you and what is your background?

AQ: Artist at heart! I have always gravitated towards the arts; fashion design, visual arts and set design. After flirting with the restaurant business for a few years, I decided to jump head first into my spouse’s leather project. I came back to my first passion: creating products.

PD: I left the corporate world a short time ago as the marketing creative for a large tea company, let’s call it that. We settled in the Eastern Townships for the family and to build a project that could be located between the northern United States and Montreal. I learned the leather business on my own by observing independent companies located all over the world, but mostly in the United States. A hobby that came into my life in a hurry, while trying to relax on Fridays in my Villeray apartment. For real, it came to my mind more when my leatherette-not-cherry-overpriced Ray Ban case dropped in my hands. Hi Marius Robinson.


Your current job:

AQ: A new mother and still active with Robinson.

PD: Craftsman at Robinson Company and branding consultant.

What does your office space look like?

AQ: A large space with sewing machines, a workstation and most importantly, objects, photos and fabrics that inspire me. A great place to create!

PD: Split in 2. Downstairs: the workshop with a large 4×8′ table, hanging pictures that inspire me, hanging belts, leather rolls, manual machines that help us, a pine library of my grandfather in the background with storage intermingled with our personal books. Above: The computers.

via Ariane Querry and Patrice Didier of La Compagnie Robinson – Baron Mag