Passionate about flea markets

Casa SJD Brocante

The two owners of the Brocante, Sonia Fréchette and Jeanne d’Arc Poissant, are both skilled and inspired artisans and have been rigorous businesswomen for decades.

Describe your passion, your business
We have a real passion for antique and reupholstered furniture. Original objects and decoration in general. Moreover, our pleasure to make furniture and to make each time a unique piece, brings us in a universe of very varied creation. Meeting people who share our pleasure adds a great note to our passion… Our little store changes its face every week with new treasures.

Tell us about the path that brought you here and into this field
An early retirement brought us here to Knowlton, out of love for the Eastern Townships and in particular Brome Lake. It was a dream to open a small seasonal flea market. This dream came from a passion for antique furniture and beautiful objects. With the knowledge of woodworking added to this, what possibilities.

In your field, describe what makes you different
Our distinction is the warm atmosphere, the affordable prices and the variety. The color and our fabrications.

What is your favorite restaurant or regional product in the Townships?
Highland beef

More info:
450-242-2643 or Website
544 c. Knowlton, Brome Lake, QC J0E1V0