Interview: Farnham Microbrewery

Farnham Ale & Lager president Alexandre Jacob explains that his microbrewery is gaining popularity in Vermont by setting itself apart.

« There’s no one doing white, so we went ahead with our white beer and made it. Like any brewery, I’d like us to be recognized for our IPA, but, between selling nothing and selling white, I’ll take the white money and be just as happy. » 160606_zx6e0_bdsa-alexandre-jacob-farnham_sn635

A majority of Canadian brewers choose to export, but the addition of intermediaries increases the price for the consumer. « We felt that exporting was not serving our product. Our beer is good, but it’s $12 for four cans, not $18. » From there came the decision to open a microbrewery in Vermont.


Video interview