The après-ski beer route

The Beer Route, a tour created in 2016 in the Eastern Townships, offers a new package to introduce skiers and snowboarders to the region’s microbreweries.

The “Route des bières d’après-ski” is a guided bus tour that starts at the foot of the slopes of Bromont or Mont Sutton and offers tasting sessions in three different microbreweries. A total of 12 craft beers and a meal are served to the participants.

The tour starts in Bromont with tastings at the bar La Débarque and continues at the microbrewery À L’Abordage, in Sutton, and at the Brasserie Dunham, in Dunham.

The tour offered from Mont Sutton includes a first stop at the microbrewery À L’Abordage, a second at the Brasserie Dunham and a last one at the Brasseurs de West Shefford, in Bromont.

In both cases, the bus then takes the skiers back to their starting ski area.