Dreaming of a glam decor?

Come and discover the Faena Hotel. a place that can inspire you if you want to create a chic and elegant decor at home.

When you enter the Living Room at the fantastic Faena Hotel Miami Beach, you take a journey into an era of glamour. No one is indifferent once you enter the hotel.

The vibrant decor transports guests into the passionate and artistic world. The luxury hotel is decorated in the color red, symbolizing love and passion. Featuring dramatic gold chandeliers, animal-patterned sofas and chairs, leopard and tiger statues and red accents, this lavish lounge is a true representation of Faena.

The suites

The entrance lobby is not a traditional hall, but rather by a “cathedral” lined with gold leaf columns and adorned with vivid floor-to-ceiling gold murals.

In the back, the doors open to the garden, where Hirst’s 24-karat golden woolly mammoth skeleton sculpture stands nearly 10 feet tall, encased in four layers of hurricane glass (and worth $18 million).