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We show you what our region can offer to TV and film producers for their shooting locations.

For several years now, the diversity of the Brome Lake region has attracted producers. Many films, TV shows and commercials have been shot here.

Elegant Victorian village, Knowlton is the regional hub. Founded in 1802, it has long been a resort for the well-to-do and is known for its architectural heritage, lavish private estates and peaceful charm.

Although French is the primary language, English is much more prevalent than in most Quebec municipalities, and is used throughout the city and elsewhere. This is the legacy of the region’s founders, the Loyalists, settlers loyal to the British Crown who left the United States to settle in Quebec.

Visually, the area is diverse and its landscapes naturally evoke the New England (villages and houses), Scotland (hills and highland cattle), rural America (farms, barns and cornfields), France (castles) and Italy (vineyards). There are also mansions straight out of Beverly Hillsauthentic Victorian homes and many other echoes of the past preserved in their original form such as a small one-room schoolhouse, a general store and more.