Walk in our Cantons

Night stroll in Knowlton Village

The villages of Brome Lake sparkle under the lights during the holiday season. Visit the Christmas Shop, Mill Pond House Deco Shop and many Antique Shops. See the beautiful New England style homes on Victoria and St. Paul. Don’t miss the Midnight Madness at KNOWLTON on December 10th to store until midnight in the Christmas spirit during an exceptional evening of music and tastings.

U-Pick Fir

Christmas tree producers offer U-pick. Plantation Bernier, in Brome Lake, provides you with the sled and a small saw to harvest your own fir tree. Visit the Bernier Plantation. In the heart of the Dunham Valley, Plantation des Frontières, in Saint-Armand, in the Eastern Townships, offers to choose and cut your Christmas tree directly at the property. At the store, you will find natural wreaths, branches and gift suggestions. Visit the Frontier Plantation. Bring an old blanket to protect the vehicle and tie it to the roof.