Scott Yetman’s house in Knowlton

SCOTT YETMAN is one of the best in the world of interior design.
His company, Scott Yetman Design, based in downtown Montreal, is a leader in interior design…

It is a valued firm, offering full service interior design for luxury homes and select establishments.

This is his country home located in Brome Lake. Enjoy your visit!


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Photographer Monic Richard
Scott Yetman is also the owner of the
Celadon’s boutique that offers high quality furniture designed by the original designers, a step above the standard and the offer of the usual furniture retailers. The visual experience is also very inspiring! Celadon can easily combine different styles and create timeless eclectic settings for your home.
180 Peel Street – Suite 400
Montreal – Quebec – H3C 2G7 – T.514.931.3389 –
F.514.931.2105 – info@scottyetman.com

Published by Sonia Daigle

Depuis 2010 j'accompagne les propriétaires à créer des décors qui reflètent leur style de vie et leurs goûts. Since 2010, Sonia Daigle has helped homeowners create designs that reflect their lifestyle and tastes.