Ergonomics in the kitchen

6 essential points to consider when making your kitchen choices

The equal distance between the 3 zones
The kitchen is divided into three main areas: the preparation area (refrigerator), the cooking area (stove) and the washing area (sink). The distance between these 3 zones must be the most equal.

The counter area
There should be a work area near the sink for easy cleaning of fruits and vegetables and a work area near the stove. This avoids the need to transport heavy pots over a long distance. It’s also easier to place your hot pots/dishes on a clear counter space when you come out of the oven.

Dishwasher and trash can
Have the dishwasher near the sink and a trash/recycling area near the work area (or sink)

Sliding system for cabinets
With pull-out drawers in your cabinets, there’s no need to stretch.

Dimensions for wall shelves
A minimum of 10 inches deep is required. For thickness, we recommend about 2 inches to accommodate your plates, bowls, cups, glasses or other.

Polymer doors
Polymer is an easy to maintain material. A soft cloth and soapy water will suffice. The absence of joints makes it easy to maintain. Choosing polymer cabinet doors is also choosing a green product. The core of the panels and doors is made of engineered wood maximizing the use of raw material.


Here is an aide memoire for

[Installation of floors, electrical wiring and piping (if necessary).
[ ] The cook goes to your home to take the exact measurements (About a month before installation)
[The counter company: Set a date to visit for measurements. (by giving them the date of installation of the kitchen)
[ ] Delivery of the sink and faucets
[The practices The installation is done in 1-2 days.
[ ] Countertops and plumbing: Setting an installation date
[Installation of the countertop is done within 3-10 days.
[Plumbing and electricity. Final installation