Autumn walks in 4 stops


Town Hall Road, Brome Lake

Stop 1: Bromont

« Stroll through the charming boutiques of downtown Bromont and for lunch, go to one of the many restaurants in the village.

Stop 2: Vineyard

« Taste one of the wines produced in the idyllic setting of the renowned Leon Courville Vineyard.

Stop 3: Knowlton

« The olives of the Italian grocery store Domenica
« The bread of the Panissimo bakery
« The espresso at Buzz Bistro
« The jams of Paniers Champêtres
« Creamed sugar and fudge, at La Vie Sucrée
« The famous bacon of the Star Café bistro

Stop 4: West Bolton

« Take a long walk down country roads with a bucolic setting (Like Town Hall Road).