Mes coups de coeur de la région

Entrevue avec Sheila Quinn

N.B: Dans la région, la culture anglophone et francophone se marient à merveille. Cette entrevue est présenté dans cette esprit.

Qu’est-ce que vous aimez à propos de la région?

The ARTISTS.  Artists are drawn to this area, and I hope « we » finally get our acts together and learn how to help them thrive.  Some of these artists are musicians, some painters, writers multi-media crafters, dancers, farmers, foodies, gardeners (the list goes on), and they are the architects of the good life.  I believe that the Townships is one of the perfect places for the world to wake up and change the way we live…and if we pay attention to the artists, we will all thrive.  Too many people are doing things backwards, with a big focus on the glittery unicorn of big money, instead of the sustainability of the real good life, where EVERYONE thrives in community.  I feel that there is a movement that is finally picking up steam.  We will see change, and it’s going to feel great.

Quel est votre hobby ou projet passionnant actuellement?

I have loved photography my entire life.  My great-grandfather, grandfather and his brother and my aunt (all on my mother’s side) were shutterbugs.  I can’t help myself…and now my son Leander (who is almost eleven) has the craving to capture as well.  Looking through his photos is always an adventure.  I am completely fashion obsessed, and always have been – fashion magazines are my guilty pleasure – and I have plans of fashion photography.  I am a thrift store wizard, and almost everything I buy is second-hand.

Quels est votre endroit préféré dans la région? Décrivez-nous ce que vous aimez.

While I absolutely love Knowlton, where I live, I am always going to be a Richmond girl.  The St. Francis Valley is where my heart lives!  You can’t beat kayaking down the St. Francis river, or attending Richmond Fair, or visiting the convent in Richmond for a music show….or just walking with one of my best friends, Valérie, at night from one end of town to the other, ranting and raving about life!

Vous en avez un 2 ème à nous parler ?

I am very, very at home on campus at Champlain College and Bishop’s University.  I am a firm believer in the CÉGEP system, and recently worked as recreational activities technician for Champlain.  We need to give our young people more opportunities to figure out who they are and how to navigate the world without going into debt.  That campus is a jewel to me and always will be.  I believe a lot could be done to connect the campus with the greater community, and beyond, and everyone would be the richer for it.

Vous connaissez un trésors bien gardé de la région, qui gagne à être connu?

There is nothing more peaceful and grounding than going out (with the right safety precautions) on one of the Eastern Townships’ waterways.  Go in something without a motor, something you have to propel yourself.  Listen to the sound of your paddle, breathe into your whole body, take your kids, take your friends, take your family, and you will change your life.  I have soft spots for Brome Lake and the St. Francis River from Richmond to Ulverton.

Quel est votre resto préféré dans les Cantons?

I can’t possibly choose just one.  Star Café in Knowlton is community for my boyfriend and I, Chez Moi, Chez Toi is a home away from home where we never seem to leave before closing, L’Archipel in Cowansville has a fantastic vibe, Le T Room in Knowlton is magical, Le Restaurant de la Gare in Richmond has superb breakfasts, and Le Temps des Cerises in Danville is a treasure with a menu to die for!

Le produit local que vous préféré?

13892143_10154454905584074_5779512976215296606_nWe would not get through our days without Virgin Hill Coffee!!  The Knowlton variety is our favourite, we buy our beans fresh at Star Café and grind every single cup fresh.  I’m a filtre-drip girl!  Every cup brewed separately.  My other must-haves are local art – I love to discover artists and give their work as gifts, and Brome Lake Books is a place I can’t live without.  I’ve always got at LEAST four books on the go.  I am a thrift store and rummage sale junkie, so I am always visiting church basements for treasure!


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