Wood floors: 4 things to know before making your choice

  1. Engineering or solid wood?
    Pros: Ideal for 7″ or 8″ wide boards. It does not bend due to humidity. It is glued directly to the concrete. Perfect for condos. It is more stable.
    Cons: Engineering cannot have more than 2 sandblasts in its life. It is also more expensive.
  2. Oiled or not?
    Pros: Oiled is easier to maintain. You don’t need to deal with a professional. It is also easier to repair.
    The cons: It must be covered during renovation work which involves dust during joint pulling.
  3. Does the oil leave stains when washing it?
    Yes if you do not take the soap offered by the manufacturer. A soap that does not remove grease is required for oiled floors.
  4. With or without character.
    They provide visual richness. The rustic effects give an authentic tone, which voluntarily moves away from the varnished floors with a more than perfect look. The scratches add life to the wood.