The interior courtyards: the extension of the house

Outdoor living spaces are no longer focused on entertainment and sports. They are becoming more and more real living spaces, as an essential extension of the house.

1. The style of outdoor living spaces is moving away from rustic leisure and toward a polished decor that recreates the inviting feel of an indoor room.

2. These are large outdoor spaces that unfold into several outdoor “rooms”, each with a different function.

3. Outdoor furniture designed as if it could also be used as indoor furniture is becoming very popular.

4. Pillows, ottomans, planted centerpieces, blankets, outdoor rugs are ideal for creating an outdoor living room atmosphere by defining a space and adding texture and softness.

5. All-weather Bluetooth speakers and outdoor TVs and projectors are an increasingly popular feature.

6. The evolution to edible gardens including vegetable gardens, herb gardens and fruit trees.