Composite floors

Vinyl floors

ADURA is the durable, high-performance, and stunningly stylish flooring solution for any room in your home.

Indeed, ADURA offers models with incredible details. Whether it is for an imitation wood, stone or ceramic, ADURA knows how to make the imitation credible. With its 3 different product lines (Max, Rigid and Flex) to suit all types of work, you will never have seen such a versatile and durable product.

Available in a board of 6? x 48?, in tiles of 12? x24? and in tiles of 18? x 18?.


  • Water repellent
  • Approved for children and animals
  • Easy to maintain
  • Scratch resistant
  • Fade and stain resistant
  • Indentation resistant
  • FloorScore Certified

3 choices

Max – 8.0mm

Thicker than 3 lines, this product is classified WPC (wood polymer composite) that is to say that it is made of an alloy of polymer and wood. Since it contains a quantity of wood, it is recommended to acclimatize it to your room before installing it. ADURA Max reduces sound by 30% for more peace and quiet in homes. It can be installed on a hard floor such as an existing ceramic without problem. Make sure that it is stable. View Manufacturer’s Website

Rigid – 5.5mm

The Rigid line is a product classified as SPC (stone polymer composite), i.e. it is made up of an alloy of polymer and rock particles. This alloy gives this product two of the most positive points: dimensional stability and increased hardness. It can therefore be installed in a room exposed to the sun without the risk of it warping. Also, it does not require an acclimatization period since it is made of inert materials. And finally, its hardness gives it superior resistance to indentation.

Flex – 2.5mm

The FLEX line is the traditional LVT (luxury vinyl tiles) type planchette line. It can either be installed with no space between the planks or as a ceramic tile with a spacer and a “ready-to-use” type grout. This type of tile is perfect when you want to install the floor on a large surface without a transition bar. It can also be put in a sunny room, however, you have to be sure to use the right glue when laying to prevent the tiles from coming off. The cabinets can also be installed on top of ADURA Flex because it is not floating. In addition, if a board is damaged inadvertently, it can be removed and replaced without having to undo the entire floor.

All of these products have been tested by an independent firm and meet strict indoor air quality standards. View Manufacturer ‘s Website