Susan Pepler, artiste peintre

Dans la région de Lac-Brome, les artistes viennent de partout. La culture anglophone et francophone se marient à merveille. Cette entrevue est présenté dans cette esprit.

Décrivez nous ce que vous faites.

I paint, and my goal as a painter is to create beautiful “places” and scenes where people can view, rest and experience joy. When you gaze at a painting that you love, it’s as though the world stops for a moment … it’s like a breath of fresh air, a reprise from the world … a window to joy … almost like a “getaway”.

Qu’est-ce qui vous motiver et mener à faire ce métier?

I’ve always found the visual world dazzling. I create paintings in my mind all the time. I can’t help it … I see the world “in paint”. So I use my skills to try and to capture joy and put it in a painting. People have asked me if I’ll ever run out of ideas, but it’s impossible! The beauty out there is endless. And we need it, beauty and joy … it lifts our spirits and soothes our souls in a challenging world.
Ce qui vous a surpris le plus lorsque vous avez débuté cette aventure?

I wasn’t sure how it would go when I started painting, but when I had my first exhibition in 2000, I was surprised by the overwhelmingly positive response to my work! In fact, 11 of the 21 paintings were snatched up within the first hour of the show. And the rest soon sold after that. I figured I was on to something …

Qu’est-ce que vos clients disent qu’ils aiment le plus ?

I’ll answer that with a couple of quotes from actual thank you notes my clients wrote …

“Susan! We LOVE our painting. It makes me smile every time I walk by it. It lights up our living room and everybody in the family adores it. Even my teenage son! Now I want one of your paintings in every room of my house! Thanks for creating such beauty.”

“Your paintings please us and we take great pleasure in looking at them. I cannot believe your artistic skills-gift and how you make all of your paintings so full of life and vitality. Thank you.
Avez-vous des plans d’expension pour l’avenir que vous voulez nous partager?

Yes, 2 things …

1. I’ve been thinking about creating prints, cushions, wallpaper and other household products … with my artwork.

2. I’m asked so often if I teach art, so I’ve also been thinking about offering 2-day workshops in my new studio in Knowlton.

Y a t-il quelque chose que la plupart des gens ne savent pas à propos ce que vous faite?

I’m known mostly for my floral paintings and paintings of vintage cars, but I also LOVE painting swimming pools and lots of other beautiful subjects, which can see on my website.

I think most people also don’t know that I work directly with my clients to create custom made paintings that fit their needs perfectly. Whether it’s about colour, size or subject matter, we put our heads together to come up with the perfect painting for them. And I often work with interior designers.

Quels sont vos endroits ou activités préférées dans la région?

The Knowlton Theatre’s Annual House & Garden Tour is an all time favourite events! And of course I always get a kick out of seeing my paintings in some of these homes. 😉

Susan Pepler, comment peut on vous rejoindre?

cell: 514.607.0234, atelier: 450.242.1111, www.susanpepler.com